2\. Press Conference

[Publication Date: June 2018]

The first results of the BrennerLEC project were introduced to the public during a press conference held at the headquarters of A22 on 30.05.2018. In addition to the top management of the various project partners, there were also the members of the local governments of the Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, Mauro Gilmozzi and Richard Theiner.

The press conference was an opportunity to introduce to the public the results of the speed reduction measures applied within BrennerLEC. In particular, it was highlighted how speed limits reduction measures applied between Trento and Rovereto Sud in order to smooth traffic in days featured by heavy traffic conditions, increasing safety and reducing pollutants emissions, had a good response from motorway users. What has already been tested in other European contexts has been confirmed: by reducing speed, traffic is smoother, queues are reduced and travel times decrease.

Speed limits reduction measures for strictly environmental purposes, implemented in the section Egna-San Michele, highlighted instead that with an average speed of 115 km/h, a reduction of approximately 10% in the concentrations of nitrogen oxide (NO) and dioxide (NO2) measured at the roadside is reached. 

Press release (in Italian language)

Video (in Italian language)