[Publication Date: April 2019]

On 12.04.2019 an international workshop on the topic “communication with road users” was held in Zagreb (Croatia). The workshop was organised by ASECAP, European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures, and was mainly targeted at its members with the purpose of promote a best practice exchange in this field.

The event was attended by about 50 representatives of about 25 road operators. The workshop was an opportunity to share the challenges related to the compliance of dynamic speed limits tested in the BrennerLEC project without any particular speed control activity. The workshop was an opportunity to share the concept of APP capable of monitoring the speed of each user in the test section and rewarding those who respect the dynamic speed limits.

The project was illustrated by A22, project coordinator. The feedback was particularly appreciated by the participants and numerous useful feedbacks was collected to refine the concept of the APP during its implementation phase.

More information about the workshop can be found here.

Workshop agenda

Project abstract

Project presentation