[Publication Date: May 2018]

On May 21st and 22nd 2018 the Expert Panel For Polluting Emissions ReductionEXPAPER conference has taken conference in Naples, at the headquarters of CNR Istituto Motori di Napoli. The conference is organized by ENEA in cooperation with CNR.

The purpose of the event has been to present the knowledge and the current models for the estimation of pollutants’ emission along the life cycle of vehicles and fuels, the actions and technologies that are today available to reduce the emissions and the opportunities of national and EU financing instruments for research and innovation project. The main topic of the 2018 edition of the Panel has been the electric (or more generally speaking ecologic) trend which is revolutionizing the transport sector, together with its implications for those who deal with pilot activities, models, planning and support to the implementation.

During the second day of the conference, destined to the technologies for the reduction of the emissions of pollutants and the related environmental and social impacts, CISMA has had the occasion to present the current pilot actions that are carried out in the scope of BrennerLEC.

Project Presentation (in Italian language)

Conference Programme (in Italian language)