[Publication Date: June 2017]

On June 19th – 22nd 2017 the 12th edition of the ITS European Congress (ITSEC) has taken place in Strasbourg, France. ITSEC is the most important European conference about intelligent transportation systems (ITS), which is organized on an annual basis.

About 2.500 experts, with about 90 sessions and about 1.000 speakers, attended the congress. The congress has been the occasion to present for the first time to the international ITS audience the contents of the BrennerLEC project, with the possibility to exchange ideas and information about the ITS technologies which will be deployed and the possible technical expedients that could be necessary in order to ensure the achievement of the project’s results.

IDM Südtirol / Alto Adige, project partner, through an oral presentation in the scope of a technical session, has presented the project.

More information about the edition 2017 of the ITSEC conference are available here.


Technical Paper