Kick-Off Prepair

[Publication Date: June 2017]

On June 8th and 9th 2017 the launch conference of the LIFE “PREPAIR” project has taken place in Bologna, at the headquarters of the Emilia-Romagna region. The conference, entitled “Government Policies on Air Quality and Climate Change”, was centred on topics related to air quality and climate change, and has involved representatives of Italian and European regions. During the most institutional session of the conference a new letter of intents on air quality was undersigned by four different Italian regions.

Project partners of the BrennerLEC project have been invited to participate to session “Prepair in Network”, which presented completed or on-going activities carried out in the scope of the LIFE Programme. The BrennerLEC project was presented by A22. The conference was attended by a significant number of members of the BrennerLEC project team.

The networking actions with the PREPAIR project is indeed one of the most important networking actions of the project: on one side in terms of best-practice, but also in terms of synergies development between the different implemented actions, in particular as far as their exploitation at national level is concerned. This “glue-action” will be carried out in particular by the Provincial Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Trento, since it is partner in both projects.

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