Mid-Term Prepair

[Publication Date: July 2019]

On July 11th, 2019, the intermediate conference of the LIFE project “PREPAIR” was held in Milan.

The conference offered the opportunity to discuss strategies and future perspectives for air quality in the critical context of the Po Valley, starting from the intermediate results achieved. The morning session was dedicated to the presentation of what has been achieved in the different thematic areas: transport, biomass, energy efficiency, agriculture, data evaluation, communication and capacity building. The afternoon was entirely dedicated to future perspectives and strategies for improving air quality in the Po Valley basin until the end of PREPAIR, scheduled for December 2023. 

During the networking session, which took place during the lunch break, space was given to the projects that are part of the PREPAIR network, including the BrennerLEC project. The event was therefore an opportunity for an interesting moment of deepening and updating with many stakeholders at national level.

For further information, please visit the PREPAIR project website http://www.lifeprepair.eu.

Conference programme