1\. Press conference

[Publication Date: December 2016]

The BrennerLEC project was presented  to the public on November 28th 2016 during a press conference held at the headquarters of A22. This public presentation meeting to the media was enriched by the presence not only of the management boards of the different project partners, but also by the assessors of the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano,  Mauro Gilmozzi and Richard Theiner, as well as the General Director of the Administrative Supervision of the Highway Grants (Direttore Generale della Struttura per la Vigilanza sulle Concessioni Autostradali), arch. Mauro Coletta.

The press conference has been the occasion to present to the public the objectives of the project and the plan of the test activities. A specific focus was given to the participation of the users to the project’s activities, with the request to collect comments and inputs through a questionnaire. Finally, it was underlined the willing to open an active discussion channel with all different stakeholders, not only at local level but also at national and cross-bordering level in order to ensure the extendibility and the replicability of the developed concepts and methodologies after the project’s end.

Press release (in Italian language)

Video (in Italian language)