Suggested Speed

[Publication Date: September 2018]

After the first very positive and promising results collected during the first year of pilot tests in the scope of the project, since July 2018 a new signage for informing the users about the activation of the variable speed limits is under testing. This signage is specifically used in the test stretch of the A22 highway between the toll booths of Egna and S.Michele (BLEC-AQ). The testing of this new modality will last a couple of months.

More specifically, instead of using the well-known traffic sign reporting the prohibition of exceeding the speed of 100 km/h, an alternative traffic sign is displayed on the Variable Message Sign – a square one (with white sign over green background) indicating the suggested speed to be driven. The objective is to evaluate the level of compliance by the highway drivers to this new signage, which recommend them to drive at the suggested speed of 100 km/h.