The variable road signage

The two dynamic speed reduction measures, when active, are easily recognisable by users, because they are associated with a certain messaging system activated on the variable message signs (VMS) on the motorway route.

The begin and end of the sections for dynamic speed reduction for environmental purposes are always located in correspondence to gantry VMS, which are installed above the carriageway and allows the display of pictograms and message text. The measure is in operation when the message ' Riduzione dinamica velocit√† per xx km” appears, accompanied by a green pictogram indicating the maximum speed to be respected. The display of this speed indication is repeated periodically along the route on the panel-powered VMS, where only the pictograms are visualized.

The dynamic speed reduction for traffic purposes is activated in heavy traffic conditions, which can lead to potential congestion and stop-and-go situations. The measure is in operation when the well-known speed limit pictograms are displayed, which vary over time and along the A22 route according to changing traffic conditions. On the gantry PMVs, these pictograms are typically accompanied by text messages with current travel times or related to ongoing traffic events (e.g. traffic jams).