Workshop 19

[Publication Date: May 2019]

On 23.05.2019 from 10 AM to 4 PM the second workshop of the BrennerLEC project entitled “The prospects of future management of a road network thanks to digitization” has taken at the NOI Techpark in Bolzano.

The workshop, aimed mainly at road infrastructure managers and more generally at public or private organizations active in the field of intelligent transport systems (ITS), has been organized in collaboration with the European projects C-ROADS Italy, ICT4CART and 5G-Carmen of which A22 is a partner. The aim of the project has been to deepen the future scenarios of road traffic management thanks to the increasing digitization and automation of vehicles.

The workshop has been enriched by the presence of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which has presented the contents of the decree “Smart Road” of 28.02.2018 that allows the road testing of connected and automatic driving solutions.

Agenda (final version) (in Italian)

Project presentation introduction (in Italian)

Variable Speed Limits for a more efficient and safe control of highway traffic flows (in Italian)

Variable Speed Limits for lower emissions and air pollutants concentrations (in Italian)

Variable Speed Limits and connected / autonomous vehicles (in English)

Connected / autonomous vehicles applications in the urban environment of Turin (in Italian)

Future perspectives of highway traffic management due to digitalization: the point of view of A22 (in Italian)