WS C.Comm.BZ 19

[Publication Date: February 2019]

On January 31st 2019 a workshop organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano has taken place in Bolzano. The workshop was specifically addressed to the managers of the local stakeholders representing the economy of South Tyrol.

The workshop has been the occasion in order to provide a deepened understanding not only about the pilot measures that the project is carrying out and the first empirical results that were observed, but also to share a more broader vision on how the BrennerLEC project is integrated in a process of digital transformation of the A22 highway corridor.

The proposal to activate this discussion channel, which integrates with the several working tables that the project has already opened, has been particularly appreciated by the participants of the workshop, even if negative comments and concern about what will happen after the conclusion of BrennerLEC were shared. The most relevant indication that was received was to focus the pilot measures in order to more efficiently manage the situations of intense traffic, and to minimize the periods in which dynamic speed limits are activated for pure environmental reasons. The different stakeholders also believe that is important and strategic to align the project measures with the relevant Austrian authorities, so to harmonize the traffic management measures on the entire Brenner Corridor and foster the reduction of inconveniences that the transport companies currently have to face.

Presentation A22 Vision (in Italian language)

Presentation Study Circulating Fleet (in Italian language)

Presentation First Empirical Results (Impacts on Environment) (in Italian language)

Presentation First Empirical Results (Impacts on Traffic Flows) (in Italian language)