Workshop lvh 19

[Publication Date: March 2019]

On February 27th 2019 a workshop organized by lvh.apa Confartigianato Imprese took place in Vipiteno, destined specifically to its members and the local institutions.

The workshop was an opportunity to provide an in-depth analysis not only of the experimental activities that the project is conducting and the first empirical results observed, but also to give a broader view of how the BrennerLEC project is part of a process of digital transformation of the A22 motorway corridor. The information evening was enriched by a speech by Elmar Morandell, president of lvh.apa freight transporters, on the topic of the future of international freight transport.

The meeting was particularly appreciated by those present, even if there were negative observations and comments related to the specific situation of the Brenner barrier also in relation to the measures put in place by the Austrian and German authorities. lvh.apa Confartigianato Imprese announced the preparation of a position paper with a proposal for a catalogue of measures to be put in place to improve the existing situation.

Presentation BrennerLEC (in Italian language)